Wednesday, June 15, 2005

First, thanks for stopping by.

Second, sorry I'm late. Yes, I'm late. Most everybody and their dog has a "blog" now, and I was quite content to go without one for awhile. My big reason: the word. "Blog" is such a boring word. Short for "web log", it sounded like a cheesy rendition of "The Blob" or "Blah". However, I've become more forgiving of the word lately, as it's popularity has increased and it has been replaced by even dumber words, like "Grafedia", which was listed on Slashdot today.

I suppose this is to be expected...languages are developed in accordance with their significance in society, and this is why there are hundreds of words in the English language that deal with money, sex, etc. So in such an information-rich era, we will undoubtedly see more and more words arise which deal with the generation, transmission, and presentation of a wide variety information and ideas.

Within this site, I plan to release some of my own generated thoughts and ideas along with a healthy dose of knowledge and wisdom acquired from other sources. Hopefully it'll be as much fun for you to read as it will be for me to write. If not, you're more than welcome to read my dog's blog instead.


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