Saturday, July 23, 2005

Two new ideas today: Googlesaurus, and Wisp.

Googlesaurus: A Firefox extension that replaces a Googlebar. Basically, the problem with Google searches is that you have to know the words you're searching for, otherwise you don't get a good search. While many of us may have excellent search skills, a large number of people put in terms that are too vauge or generic to produce good results. Googlesaurus would provide the standard Google search box, but when you perform a search, your search results are displayed word-by-word in the toolbar, each with their own dropdown list. You can click on the dropdown list for any word and see a number of synonyms (maybe even some antonyms) for the words. If you find a word that is more specific than your original one, you can click it and do a new search.

Wisp: Kinda like Lisp, but better for AI. At a fundamental level, brain cells have a number of branches that reach out to other brain cells. Lisp (list processing) is like a brain cell that has only one branch that goes out to another cell. Wisp (web processing, with the "is" part borroed from l"is"t) would have an object and a series of pointers to another object. The idea is still very fresh in my mind, so I've got a lot of hammering out and figuring out to do, but that's the gist. Heck, it may even be implementable in Lisp. Time will tell...


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