Monday, December 12, 2005

Web 3.0 beta

In my last post, I mentioned how noticing patterns can give you an edge and tell you a thing or two about the future. I'll make use of that today in predicting Web 3.0. But this isn't just any Web 3.0, this is Web 3.0 beta.

I've seen a few other people already referring to Web 3.0, but they're missing the "beta" part. Web 2.0 will come and go, and people will sigh as they say "still no flying cars". There was much hope and promise for Web 2.0, but it never materialized. Why?

And thus, someone from O'Reilly or Google or even a lowly unknown blogger will utter "Web 3.0 beta," and everyone will see the error of their ways. Of course web 2.0 didn't work! There was never any beta testing. Google beta tests for so long, we forget it's beta, they are easily forgiven for their mistakes, and they have longer to work out the kinks in the system. Alternatively, the name could signify that Google IS the internet, and they can brand it however they want. And since they know it's not a completed internet (the world's information isn't fully orgainzed yet), it will be released as Web 3.0 beta, and it will stay there indefinitely.

What can we look forward to with Web 3.0 beta?

In addition to Google Talk, there'll be Google Listen, which will listen to whatever you have to say and respond (verbally) insightfully, throwing in barely perceptible sales pitches tailored to your discussion.

Not only will there be Froogle, but there will be GoogleBucks, which will replace US and other currencies as we know it. It will bring forth a world-wide currency system, so your hard earned dollar here buys the same cup of coffe in Paris as you'd get in Beijing.

There will be newer and better ways of writing software. For the first time, you'll have a web-centric programming language with the power of Lisp, a fully-functional visual & verbal development environment, a thorough set of libraries that are intuitive and easy to use, it will be fast (to write and to run), and it will be a natural fit for both web-based and single computer programming.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are just a few of the features we can look forward to in Web 3.0 beta. Whether that's 5 years away or 100 years away, who knows? But that's the beauty of beta...


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